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Lily Khan

About me✨

Hi! I'm Lily Khan, a teen front-end developer from India. I am a high school student passionate about Computer Science.
I'm currently a community intern at Replit. I love doing creative stuff, which includes making cool sites using CSS, bullet journaling and graphic designing. I enjoy being in communities and working with other people, I also actively participate in Hackathons.


Portfolio Template

A simple portfolio website template that was made for the Replit template jam.

Volant Site

A Site created for Volant, an open source Programming Language.

ToDo list

A simple to-do web app, which I designed for Replit weekly challenge.


Pure CSS Design of login with Replit page.


The game teaches you about the various ways to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 (corona) virus.

Noir Night

An interactive, voice powered murder mystery that uses Google Dialogflow to react to user questions.


The app helps you record and remember your dreams. A personalized collection of dreams with insightful interpretations.


A chrome extension plus website created to help people find suitable products to treat stuff such as acne and skin damage.